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Since 1992, Market Forces has executed over 350 Quantitative and Qualitative research studies across varied fields like Engineering, Manufacturing, Automobile, Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, IT & ITES, Diary and Consumer products.

Our reliable research studies and recommendations have helped our clients in India take critical business decisions. Some of our clients who have benefitted from our research services.

Our Functional Specializations:

  • Industry Overview studies

  • New Project Feasibility

  • Diversification studies

  • Customer Satisfaction studies

  • Brand Awareness studies


Our consulting services have helped numerous Small and Medium enterprises tackle their critical sales and marketing challenges. Our research and marketing experience have aided many SME units to take correct decisions, and become successful. For Example, Monginis (now Mio Amore), who was our first client in 1992.

We work with our clients to identify where their sales and marketing strategies need to be improved. We have expertise across the demand-generation process, from identifying customer needs, developing effective value propositions and creating marketing strategies to distribution channel strategies.

Our recommendations are always practical and cost effective as we’ve gained in-depth expertise over the last two decades in sales and marketing.

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities:

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Distribution Network Planning and Implementation

  • Market Monitoring


With the spend on advertising and promotional activities increasing day by day, companies want to know whether the money spent on the marketing activities is being utilized properly and if the execution is being carried out as planned.

The aim is to answer 2 main questions:

  • Is my advertisement being aired / displayed properly or not?

  • Is my advertising campaign working or not?

We offer our unique services to audit the various advertising activities and also to ascertain, the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Some of our services focus on:

  • Ad Campaign effectiveness studies

  • Advertising and Media audits

  • Multiplex / Cinema Hall Advertising Audits

  • Hoarding / Outdoor Media Audits

  • Live Media Audits

  • Retail Monitoring and Auditing

  • Mystery Customer Retail Audits


We provide Turnkey Solutions for our clients’ marketing needs. Our services start from conceptualizing and devising the marketing strategy to implementing the activities. We understand our clients’ needs, for their product and services, and above all, their competitors, so that we can deliver results which are also cost effective.

Some of the activities we have conducted over the past decade are:

  • Setting up Distribution Networks

  • Upgradation of Distribution Networks

  • Direct Marketing Campaigns

  • Retail monitoring and Auditing

  • Product Launches

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