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About Us

Welcome to Market Forces

Market Forces was founded in 1992 to provide Market Research and Marketing Consultancy services.

Market Forces has carried out a wide range of projects over the last 3 decades for Indian and International clients. We execute Reliable, Cost-effective studies, tailored to suit your specific needs. We have executed over 400 Quantitative and Qualitative studies in a variety of Industrial B2B products, as well as Consumer products & services.

  • The company is headed by an IIM Calcutta alumnus.

  • We work by a Motto: FACTA NON VERBA meaning “Deeds not Words”.

  • We have been delivering Quality marketing services for over 30 years.

  • We have a Pan-India network to execute Market Research projects.

  • We operate in Bangladesh, and Bhutan also.

  • We are the Marketing Consultants to FOSMI.

(The Federation of Small and Medium Industries)

Market Forces has 2 International Associates, to assist with our foreign assignments.

1. Pratap Sampat and Associates, Chicago, USA
2. Mukul Rajpal, Vienna, Austria

Market Forces has a team of well-qualified and experienced advisers, consultants and researchers.

We have experience in handling research for new products as well as for technically complex products.

Analyzing the data
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