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Know & Understand

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Discover the power of Market Forces. Explore a world of opportunities and insights that drive change and innovation. Join us on a journey towards a sustainable future.


About  Us

Market Forces was founded in 1992 to provide management consulting and market research services.
Market Forces has carried out a wide range of projects over the last 3 decades for Indian and International clients. We execute Reliable, Cost-effective studies, tailored to suit your specific needs. We have executed over 400 Quantitative and Qualitative studies in a variety of Industrial B2B products, as well as Consumer products & services.

Market Forces has 2 International Associates, to assist with our foreign assignments.

1. Pratap Sampat and Associates, Chicago, USA
2. Mukul Rajpal, Vienna, Austria

Market Forces have a team of well-qualified and experienced advisers, consultants and researchers.​ We have experience in handling research for new products as well as for technically complex products.

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Industries Served

Market Search have developed some research models based on the knowledge and wide range of studies conducted in the past. These research models are applied to understand particular industry by number of recognised research methodologies.

Case Studies

Market Forces assisted a premier dairy company in Kolkata to regain market share by improving distribution, introducing a new product range, enhancing consumer perceptions, countering competitors' strategies, and addressing logistical issues. These measures led to significant sales growth and financial recovery for the company.

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12/3 Hindustan Road, GariahatOpposite HDFC Bank, Kolkata - 700 029India (West Bengal)

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Mr. Sudipto Shome ( CEO )
Mobile: +91-98302 66186

Mr. Bhaskar Shome (G.M.)

Mobile: +91-98364 00645

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